Banana Pi on Bananian

After ongoing stability problems (i.e. freezes) with LUbuntu I switched to Bananian two weeks ago and the BPI is now running solid and stable.

Changing the power supply and SD card did not help the former behaviour in contrast to the change from LUbuntu to Bananian.

bestfit is back

I recycled an old script I used several years ago to automatically generate an ISO image from selected subfolders. The idea is, that the content is written to CD/DVD archive as soon as the total capacity passes the media’s limit.

SFTP using ChrootDirectory

In newer releases of OpenSSH it’s almost as easy as ProFTPD’s DefaultRoot to restrict a user to the home folder. You no longer need to setup a full chroot environment including copies/links to essential libraries etc.

Nagios Check for Critical Updates

If you are tired of scanning all kind of CERT advisories in your mailbox and you are running a nice Debian-based landscape using mostly package-based software, you should consider using check_apt from the Nagios plugins.

monit as Fix for APC Back-UPS CS-500

To fix the recent failure of Network UPS Tools on my APC Back-UPS attached to Debian Etch, I used a pragmatic approach:

  • The problem with a missing or changing USB device is fixed by udev providing a static device name.
  • The 2nd problem with a crashing newhidups driver is solved by monit.