Banana Pi on Bananian

After ongoing stability problems (i.e. freezes) with LUbuntu I switched to Bananian two weeks ago and the BPI is now running solid and stable.

Changing the power supply and SD card did not help the former behaviour in contrast to the change from LUbuntu to Bananian.

I definitely recommend Bananian over current Ubuntu, it seems to better match this hardware (kernel, bananian-config, bananian-update).

I replaced the UFW* with a standard setup using Netfilter/ip(6)tables configured into iptables-persistent.

backupninja with duplicity is still responsible for the daily backup.

This device is quite useful in the home LAN, the jump server on IPv6, Wake-on-LAN for my VDR appliance, dnsmasq for the ULA subnet, SMTP reminders etc.