bestfit is back

I recycled an old script I used several years ago to automatically generate an ISO image from selected subfolders. The idea is, that the content is written to CD/DVD archive as soon as the total capacity passes the media’s limit.

64-Bit Package

The script bestfit (release 0.2.0 by Oskar Liljeblad) was no longer installed on my workstation, but it returned successfully. Please visit this folder for documentation and sources.

I used the sources to build a 64-Bit Debian package just by a call to fakeroot debian/rules binary from extracted contents of the `*.tar.gz.


Using bestfit is quite simple:

bestfit --quiet --invert --space="$((700*1024*1024/2048))" candidates/*

That will give me a list of folders I have to move away from candidates, so the remaining data will fit onto the 700MBs of a data CD.