TP-Link 3G Router with Failover

After the PIN constraint was removed from the Huawei stick, the TP-Link 3G Router (TL-MR3420) is working fine in WAN preferred mode. Soon after I disconnected the connection to the DSL uplink, the router began setting up the Huawei E1550 stick.

The domain will now also point to this site. If you think it’s reminds of i18n, then you guess right.

IPv6 Tunnel Broker

It’s fairly easy to set up an IPv6 tunnel on any (W)LAN-connected notebook 2 hops away from the DSL uplink, see for details.

But this will also bypass the router’s firewall leading to public access to the tunnel endpoint and further.

Drupal to WordPress Migration

Since I wanted to downsize my application to simple blogging and the advantages of the updating process impressed me, I am now preparing the switch from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.

After the SQL-based content migration and testing on an internal site, it’s now live on

SSH Tunnel in Background

If you want to put a backdoor^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HSSH Tunnel in the background, just use the options f for background and N for no commands, doing just port forwarding.

ssh -f -N -R 1234:localhost:22

Special Characters in IMAP Folders

I was always wondering, why folders on an Exchange server, containing special characters in the name, show up that different in the IMAP protocol (e.g. using Mail::IMAPClient in Perl scripts).

But now I understand, this is just the result of the IMAP specification, that uses a modified UTF-7 encoding for non-ASCII characters (see RFC 2060, section 5.1.3).

If you ever need to automatically convert folder names into that modified UTF-7, the Perl module Encode::IMAPUTF7 may render useful.