policyd-weight: Mind the default RBLs.

At least the package of policyd-weight in Debian Etch provides defaults, you should better check:

  • Start your review by storing the defaults at /etc/policyd-weight.conf: /usr/sbin/policyd-weight defaults >/etc/policyd-weight.conf
  • I dropped all lines except for the settings @dnsbl_score and @rhsbl_score.
  • Spamhaus now recommends zen.spamhaus.org.
  • You should drop dynablock.njabl.org, see http://njabl.org/dynablock.html for details.
  • You should drop multi.surbl.org, if you do not match their policy for free use http://www.surbl.org/usage-policy.html.
  • I then dropped all entries, that I already use for blacklisting, if the good score is not set. It does not make sense to blacklist first and ask the same list again in policyd-weight unless a positive result will provide a non-zero score.