CyanogenMod 12 on LG’s Optimus G (E975)

An Optimus G E975 (Intl) was still waiting for wakeup, but official updates stuck at Android 4.4.2.

So I applied CyanogenMod to that phone and since it was not that easy to gather all the necessary information, I write down a short protocol of the steps, that helped in my case. I started with the rather incomplete (with respect to rooting and recovery) howto at

Siri vs. Now

I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to an Optimus G, which fits better to the profile of a Linux User and after I was never satisfied with the results of Siri (at least in German), the voice recognition of Google Now is in comparison more than convincing.

Android 2.3 on Motorola's Milestone

Waiting for the upgrade to a newer post-2.1 Android by Motorola, I heard rumours about the Android 2.2 released recently, that were not very positive with respect to quality.

So I decided to get Android 2.3 via CyanogenMod on the Milestone with the help of OpenRecovery G.O.T..