Zero in Nagios

If you have a Zero Service running at some URL like, it’s quite simple to connect host objects in Nagios to the correct view of performance data.

Nagios provides two host attributes for this purpose: action_url, notes_url

In my setup I included the following attributes to my host template:


If notes_url renders useful, depends a little bit on the structure of your Wiki, but you can as well call a helper script on the web server associated with it to lookup/generate document links. It’s already prepared for use in a service object. Beware that many variables, that work in command declarations will not work in these attributes.

In a not-so-perfect environment with Zero Agents using the system’s hostname, that are not appropriate for use as Nagios HOSTNAME, I used a custom attribute __NAME instead of HOSTNAME in the URLs. Here is an example:

A host is running 3 network interfaces on IPs,,, the hostname of the system points to host0001a, but I want to name it host0001 without suffix in Nagios. For this I just set __NAME to host0001a and setup action_url$_HOST_NAME$ (see Nagios documentation for interpretation of __NAME).