Migrate RRD Files between Architectures

If you migrate an RRD-based tool like SmokePing, Cacti or ZeroD you may run into the problem, that the target system can no longer use the historic data, if the default number representation changes (big/little endian, 32/64 Bit, …).

In all these cases the following procedure should work. It’s important you dump on the original architecture and restore on the target system.

Zero Frontend Upgrade

The Zero Frontend is currently facing a major upgrade or tuning, introducing views to aggregate components from different hosts.

Popups for the graphs are now integrated into the same window, there is an automatic refresh.

Zero in Nagios

If you have a Zero Service running at some URL like, it’s quite simple to connect host objects in Nagios to the correct view of performance data.

Nagios provides two host attributes for this purpose: action_url, notes_url