Monitoring RAID in Nagios

Using RAID to improve availability is fine, but don’t forget to monitor it properly. Otherwise you will never know, that half of your mirror has already gone out of service for months.

Nagios Check for Critical Updates

If you are tired of scanning all kind of CERT advisories in your mailbox and you are running a nice Debian-based landscape using mostly package-based software, you should consider using check_apt from the Nagios plugins.

Zero in Nagios

If you have a Zero Service running at some URL like, it’s quite simple to connect host objects in Nagios to the correct view of performance data.

Nagios provides two host attributes for this purpose: action_url, notes_url

Nagios SNMP

SNMP (at least NET-SNMP in Linux) is providing enough data to setup checks for CPU, memory, disk and processes to a standard Nagios.