Linux on Dell 7490

Don’t miss to add kernel options i915.enable_dc=0 and intel_idle.max_cstate=1, if you want to run a modern arch linux on your Dell Latitude 7490.

Broken Symlinks

I want to introduce a little command fu for reporting broken symlinks on the shell, because I found several variations while searching in the net, that were not very satisfying.

Docker Cleanup

Recent versions of the Docker CLI support the prune option in different flavors to keep the system clean.

If your disk capacity is exceeded by Docker’s data folder (e.g. /var/lib/docker) it’s time to cleanup at least the images and this is much more comfortable than usage of filters and pipelines in the past.

But I also want to bring some risks into focus.

Ansible meets CurseForge on Linux

If you want to play modern Minecraft ModPacks on CurseForge in Java on Linux, the Twitch Launcher for Windows is not very helpful.

But since the project artifacts are available for public download and the data format is pretty straightforward, it was not a big deal to script a download of all files. I have chosen an Ansible Playbook for this task.