MultiMC on Linux

In the former post Ansible meets CurseForge on Linux I described the installation and updates of Minecraft ModPacks with Ansible for Linux users.

Now it’s team to mention MultiMC for a more user-friendly solution also ready for Linux.

After downloading and installing MultiMC on various PCs running Arch Linux, Antergos and Ubuntu Bionic I can really recommend this application for easy usage of modpacks at CurseForge.

Just lookup the ZIP URL in the files section of a project and Import from ZIP in the action Create instance within MultiMC.

The file of the instances are located at $HOME/.local/share/multimc/instances, in case you want to backup, re-use them for server instances, add OptiFine or …

So MultiMC replace my Ansible solution as Generic Minecraft CurseForge ModPack Installer. But of course Ansible is still in use for many other things.