Netbook vs. iBook

It’s done, the iBook G4 was replaced by an Asus Netbook. Since I currently tend to use Ubuntu Linux, this was a logical step for a very reasonable price:

  • Battery Capacity is decreasing for the iBook, even though more than 1h is not bad after all those years. The free replacement of the battery a few years ago was really flawless and a nice upgrade.
  • Ubuntu/PowerPC on the iBook G4 is working, but on a Atom-based netbook it’s even better (keyboard, availability of packages for the architecture, …).
  • Sometimes you still need Adobe’s Flash.
  • The Atom CPU is a lot faster than the PowerPC in the G4 at 800 MHz.

Still the iBook G4 was a good decision back in 2003/2004. Using Ubuntu after the decline of MacOS for that architecture was even enabled an UMTS Stick bei Huawei.