Streaming MPEG-TS

Up to release 1.6 VDR is recording into MPEG-PS files named *.vdr. In later releases this switched to MPEG-TS (with some impact on moving markers).

The Asus O!Play is fine with the TS (Transport Stream) format, but lacks support of the *.vdr files.

Since I want to stick to release 1.6 of VDR for now, I wrote a script, that will convert the recordings into MPEG-TS files using ffmpeg, all contained on a Samba Share served to the streaming device:


find . -type f -name "???.vdr" | while read vdr; do
  dir="$(dirname "$vdr")"
  file="$(basename "$vdr" .vdr)"
  [ -f "$target" ] && continue
  nice ffmpeg -i "$vdr" \
    -vcodec copy \
    -acodec copy \
    -scodec copy \
    -sameq \
    -f mpegts \

Since only the container format changes, this script does not cost that much performance, I can even run it without larger impact on my Atom-powererd VDR host.